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Pro Soft File


A 400-grit professional-grade file made for shaping, removing, and finishing your semi-cured gel nail strips.

Ergonomic half-moon design is perfect for both beginner and expert use.


Product Benefits

1. Perfect for Nail Strips - easily file off excess nail strip material and add a smooth finish to your nails. 
2. Ergonomic - unique half-moon design provides excellent grip and is perfect for beginners and experts alike.
3. Cushioned Core - soft yet sturdy core facilitates a comfortable filing experience. 
4. Fine Grit - 400 grit made for finishing and neatening nails of any length. 

PS, EVA, compressed paper, sand paper

Using the Pro Soft File

※ File in one direction to minimize nail damage.

Case 1. Adjusting Nail Length

Case 2. Shaping the Free Edge

Case 3. Removing Excess Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strip

Case 4. Finishing Cured Nail Strips

Pro Soft File
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