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Pro easy dual stick


A dual-tip stainless steel nail tool made for flawless nail strip application (press tip) and removal (off tip).

press tip - gently smoothes down and secures nail strips. made of soft rubber.

body - ergonomic rectangular design provides excellent grip and control. made of high-quality stainless steel.

off tip - gently lifts and detaches nail strips. made of angled high-quality stainless steel.


This product is not intended to be used as a cuticle pusher or remover.


Product Benefits

1. Press Tip for Flawless Application - soft rubber tip easily smooths semi-cured gel strips down to nail and irons out any wrinkles and air bubbles.
2. Off Tip for Clean Removal - angled stainless steel tip allows you to gently lift semi-cured gel strips off nail.
3. Ergonomic - sophisticated design with rectangular handle provides excellent grip.
4. High Quality Material - rubber and stainless steel parts are highly durable, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean. 

stainless steel 304 (body), elastomer (press tip)

Using the Pro Easy Dual Stick

Case 1. Smoothing and Securing Nail Strips (press tip)
• Use press tip to smooth strip down to nail and iron out any wrinkles.
• Rub press tip on areas around nail gems to secure them better to strip.

Case 2. Removing Nail Strips (off tip)
• Drip 1 - 2 drops of remover on the edge of your nail.
• Wait 2- 3 seconds for the nail strip to completely absorb remover.
• Use the upper (curved) side of the off tip to gently pick and lift the strip off your nail.
※ Do not use the lower (flat) side of the off tip to remove strips. You may accidentally scrape your natural nail.
• Drip more remover into the gap between your natural nail and the nail strip. Once it has absorbed completely, use the off tip to gently pry the rest of the strip off your nail.
※ Wait for nail strip to absorb the remover completely. This means that the remover should soak through underneath the strip. Attempting to remove a strip that is insufficiently soaked with remover could result in tearing or other damage to your natural nail.

※ This product is not intended to be used as a cuticle pusher or remover. 

Pro easy dual stick
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