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Summer Mercury Gift Set

S$100.60 S$65.39
Limited Edition "My Birth Planet" Gift Sets now officially launched in Singapore, now 35% OFF for a limited time

Summer Mercury (Gemini): May 21st ~ Jun 21st

Mercury is called the "Star of Hermes," the winged messenger of Zeus. Those born under Mercury are agile in both mind and tongue, and use their wealth of knowledge and persuasive power to successfully navigate even the most difficult situations.

Inspired by the Swift Planet, this splendid design features cool periwinkle and cerulean blue hues, shimmering stardust glitter and silver foil, and a radiant teardrop-shaped gem.

Gift set consists of:
1X Planet Themed Mani
1X Planet Themed Pedi
1X Gel Lamp
1X Glossy Top Gel
Summer Mercury Gift Set
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