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P Lacquerware


Pedicure design inspired by traditional nacre design. K-crafted pedicure is decorated with shell-like cuts of nacres on top of a dashing syrup black base. Add chicness to your feet with P Lacquerware, exclusive in ohora.



- Waterproof Wear that Lasts up to 14 Days

- Stretchable & Flexible to Fit All Sizes

- Easy Application & Removal

- Salon-quality Nails After Curing

About Semi-Cured Gel

Ohora semi-cured gel is an innovative new technology completely different from traditional gel polish. 

Traditional gel polish is a liquid that is brushed onto your nail in wet form. Semi-cured gel, on the other hand, is liquid gel that has been 60% pre-hardened. It is a soft, stretchable gel that can be easily configured to any nail shape. 

After being cured under a nail lamp, semi-cured gel hardens and locks in place. The result is a salon-quality gel nails.

Applying Ohora Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

Link to video: http://y2u.be/eOsl13jHwXU

Step 1. Remove Oil and Moisture

- Wash your hands thoroughly.

- Use the prep pad to wipe away oil, water, and any other moisture.

Step 2. Apply Nail Strips

- Select the strip that best fits the size of your nail and peel off transparent film sheet.

- Apply strip to nail, leaving a slight space between the strip and cuticle.

- Press and smooth the strip firmly onto nail, applying extra pressure to the area along the free edge to secure. 

Step 3. Trim Nail Strips

- Use the enclosed file to file away any excess or leftover strip.

Step 4. Cure Nail Strips

- Cure strips 1 - 3 times under the Ohora Gel Lamp. 

Removing Ohora Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

Each Ohora kit comes with a wooden cuticle stick. Soak this stick in your preferred nail polish remover (We recommend Ohora Easy Peel Remover) and push to remove your nail strips. 

  1. Dip enclosed wooden stick into nail polish remover.
  2. Push stick gently against the edge of your nail strip. Nudge strip in the direction of your cuticle to minimize damage to your nail.
  3. Keep pushing until entire nail strip peels up and detaches from your nail.

30 Nail strips (16 basics & 14 accents) in 15 different sizes
2 Prep Pads & 1 Nail File & 1 Wooden Stick

Easy Application & Removal
Safe Cosmetic-Grade Formula
Fits on Any Size Nail
Unique C-Curve Design
Manufactured with Care

P Lacquerware
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