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Winter Pluto Gift Set

S$100.60 S$65.39
Limited Edition "My Birth Planet" Gift Sets now officially launched in Singapore, now 35% OFF for a limited time

Winter Pluto (Scorpio): Oct 24th ~ Nov 22nd

Located at the edge of our solar system, Pluto symbolizes the beginning and end of everything. Those born under Pluto are responsible and resilient, and are committed to working steadily towards their goals. They are also deeply reflective, and can immerse themselves into any situation to achieve impressive results.

Inspired by the icy Dwarf Planet, this sensual design features muted blue and white ombré, frosty glitter and pearl flakes, and an iridescent blue-purple decal.

Gift set consists of:
1X Planet Themed Mani
1X Planet Themed Pedi
1X Gel Lamp
1X Glossy Top Gel
Winter Pluto Gift Set
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