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Spring Mars Gift Set

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Limited Edition "My Birth Planet" Gift Sets now officially launched in Singapore, now 35% OFF for a limited time

Spring Mars (Aries): Mar 21st ~ Apr 19th

Those belonging to Mars are born with a natural fire. Passionate, adventurous, and with little patience for complacency, they harness their inner fire and strive towards the life they want. They are energetic and decisive, and often find themselves inspiring others as a leader.

Inspired by the Red Planet, this radiant design features warm orange and reddish-pink hues, iridescent stardust glitter, and a bright aurora pebble meant to capture the image of Mars in the night sky.

Gift set consists of:
1X Planet Themed Mani
1X Planet Themed Pedi
1X Gel Lamp
1X Glossy Top Gel
Spring Mars Gift Set
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